Nicole Lewis  •  Yale Graduate  •  Broadway Actress

With an MFA in Theater and 20 years experience in the worlds of professional musical and legit theater I can help you prepare for auditions, connect to your material and bring your best self to the work. 

Reveal your unique strengths that distinguish you from the crowd so you can own your professionalor graduate school audition whether working songs, monologues or scenes

Get clear.        Get grounded.       Get the job.


"Students who study with Nicole have the opportunity to learn from a dedicated, positive teacher who is also working frequently at the highest level of the performance industry.  She is a nurturing educator who listens intently to each individual and then masterfully delivers the essential feedback that actor needs in order to make a breakthrough in his or her work."
Mariah Sage, Founder Present & Perform

"Nicole's analysis of text is quick and insightful. She is great at honing in on the kind of specifics in a scene that sets you apart in the audition room. She coaches you "through" process into being authentically you. My kind of artist."
Sekou Laidlow

"I found Nicole to be a natural teacher.  She made me feel comfortable and curious about the whole process.  It was very, very informative."
Glenn Boice

"I thought it was a fun workshop and a wonderful collaboration with everyone involved. Nicole provided spot on feedback and I'd love to participate in another workshop she offers."
Greg Mouning

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